Site last updated 1/1/2016
Happy Trails to You, Until We Meet Again...

This mirror site is now shut down. If you didn't know this moment was coming, it's because you haven't visited this mirror site for over 3 months - when I first published this site's "countdown clock."

Bless Peter Walker for attempting to rekindle interest in a public forum for Star Trek New Voyages. But since the forum went up, posts from people close to the project have by and large not materialized. Social media sites like Facebook appear to have won the battle for the hearts/minds of fans and project people. This must mean I'm no longer "in step" with the status quo. So be it. Because I'll never have an official presence on any social media site, I'd be totally out-of-the-loop on first-hand info about this project.

To paraphrase General Douglas MacArthur, "Old mirror operators never die, they just fade away." Consider me faded away.

Fortunately for fans, other mirror sites remain:

New Voyages Torrent Tracker

Star Trek New Voyages Deutschland

Gordon Watts - Mirror #1

Gordon Watts - Mirror #2

Trekminal Mirror

Academic Computer Club - Umeň University

I invite all fans to visit the remaining mirror sites to download episode and vignette files. And in departing the mirror scene, I do so wishing the project the best of luck in the future.

J. Alec West